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Tired of your Short URLs getting labeled
as SPAM - or worse - shut off?

Ready for your own PRIVATE URL shortner?
Dear Fellow Marketer,

I know how it is... you get an affiliate campaign, solo campaign, or email all ready to go and then you start it and within an hour or two, you check it and BAM - your shortened URL has either been labeled as spam or even worse, the url shortner has shut it down because of so called spam complaints - IT SUCKS!

Banned By Google

Are you tired of this and ready for it to STOP?

How about access to a TOTALLY PRIVATE, members only URL Shortener for FREE?

This members ONLY private URL shortener is virtually unknow to the search engines or the Email service providers like Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail.  When you use our URL shortener - your emails get delivered!

One other thing - when you use or tinyurl or - those companies can see your stats - heck - Google even USES your information as a part of their search algorithms!

STOP it now!  Sign up today for your own PRIVATE URL shortener and leave those problems behind for good.

As a bonus - you'll also get the "Affiliate Marketer's Toolkit"
Affliate Marketers Toolkit
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